Achieve Your Company Goals & Objectives

I provide individual and group life coaching programs on-site at your place of business.

Programs tailored to the needs of your business, the challenges or opportunities presenting to the business, and the goals and objectives you are looking to achieve.

BENEFITS OF Corporate Life Coaching

Businesses bring in outside help for a variety of different reasons:


Directors, Head of HR and Talent Managers want to support the business with life coaching for their employees to increase their productivity, job satisfaction, motivation and mindset.


Decrease staff turnover, increase retention and knowledge within the business and make an overall positive impact of the morale of the teams, the business financially and the well being of the employees.

Develop and maximise an employee’s talent and potential, in consonance with the values and goals set by the company.

Improve communication.


Help individuals and teams to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Identification of barriers to growth, such as: fear of the unknown, lack of confidence, distracted by other things, the perception that one doesn’t have enough time or other resources.
Identify training areas, motivate career development, assist with goal-setting.
Impartial voice and fresh set of eyes and ears more readily offers the more distanced, and “objective” perspective needed; one unclouded by the confines of involvement in day-to-day operations and uninvested in the personalities and personal history of those immediately involved.
Identification of a specific problem, opportunity or inflection point within the business, the persistence of a particular (and unwanted) state of affairs for an extended period, along with a deeper knowing that things are unlikely to be resolved of their own accord.
Skillsets or capabilities needed to support a particular project or change are not readily available in-house.

An opportunity has been identified where it is immediately recognised that a specialist coaching approach could be helpful.


Past engagements have included:

  • Development coaching for young and aspiring leaders
  • Manage and improve team dynamic
  • Collaboration and co-working training
  • Executive performance coaching
  • Employee career progression work

How It Works

Employee Group Life Coaching Programs and/or 1-1 Sessions

Work typically involves a mixture of personal and professional development, melding both interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects (mindset, attitudes, psychology) and the more practical aspects of professional performance (skills, expertise, technical capability).

Change on an individual level will usually need to be managed and integrated in order to ensure results in one area dovetail with the ongoing goals, objectives and priorities of others.

Utilising a holistic approach and as part of most projects, I will arrange structured contact with all key stakeholders both at the outset and on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that individual change is both recognised, supported and managed within the wider organisational environment.

Looking for 1-1 personal life coaching sessions?

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