I have worked in the Growth and Personal Development Industry since 2014 . In fact, it’s my whole life’s work, but 2014 was the year I turned my passion and innate calling to explore truth and serve people, into a career. I remember the first Professional Coach I worked with 1-1, who was one of the Trainers at the Coaching Academy where I originally trained, said to me:

“The Personal Development industry is full of fads. People are always looking for the next shiny tool or technique to make a quick fix .”

I have found that to have some truth in it. I don’t see this as a reason to condemn people, I see as a reason to get curious as to why this is the case. The psyche is always looking for the path of least resistance which is not often the most effective path. 

I have completed a lot of deep inner work on myself with 1-1 experts in Coaching, Therapists, Healers  and I have trained in many modalities over the years. My journey has been a roller coaster and it continues to evolve. The results I get with my clients, reflects the depth I have moved through my own psyche and healed.

There isn’t a destination or an end goal.

This is not a one shot and your healed game.

It is the game of life and when you get onto the right path, you can traverse the twists and turns, the ups and downs, and move through adversity to expand and grow.

This is the path of transformation!

Knowing oneself is a word that is thrown around a lot! In this blog, I explain, what it means to be an autonomous woman who knows who she is. If these ideas remain an intellectual concept, they are a fad! I want to point you towards what I have experienced as truth and also to encourage you to challenge yourself to explore these concepts and lean into an experiential and practical application. 

How do you Recognise A Woman who knows herself?

  • A woman who knows herself will make no excuses for who she is. 
  • She won’t compare herself to anyone. 
  • She won’t set standards for who she NEEDS to be or how she needs to look, for someone else. 
  • She cannot be rejected because there is nothing to be rejected. 
  • She takes full responsibility for who she is and how she shows up always. 
  • A woman who knows herself will stand in HER highest integrity. 
  • She is a power that cannot be mistaken. 
  • She is a full expression of who she is in the world. 
  • A woman who knows herself knows how to give. 
  • And she knows how to receive. 
  • She knows that nothing that happens outside of her is personal, unless she chooses to make it mean something about her. 

The Relationship of the Masculine to the Feminine

  • A man may point his finger and call her masculinised if he does not know himself to the same depth. 
  • She will call him to grow. 
  • This may be triggering for him. 
  • He may not be able to stay in her presence. 
  • ……If he is not willing to face himself. 
  • To know himself.
  • He does not need her. 
  • And she does not need him. 
  • This is love. 
  • True unconditional love. ❤️
  • It is a healthy bond in a relationship, that is free from unhealthy attachment. 
  • This is hard to find nowadays, and many have got lost in toleration, desperation, attachment and/or blame. 
  • This is not a Masculine/Feminine problem. The he/she can be swapped around in most if not all of the above. 
  • This is about how we relate to ourselves, in the first place.

  1. It takes a willingness to take responsibility for yourself. This means to know your boundaries. What is the edge of where you end, and the other person begins. Each person can only ever take responsibility for themselves. This means to own what is yours and to do the work to process it. It also means to hand back to the other person what is theirs to work on. Many relationships intimate or platonic will have crossed or entangled boundaries and this will lead to conflict or ‘people pleasing’. Unless you take responsibility, you can never know yourself. What is ‘yours’, means how you show up and respond/react to experiences, other people, events, objects. 
  2. It takes COURAGE to face yourself and a dedication to your own growth. This work is not easy because you take a stance against societal and generational conditioning, your own beliefs systems, ingrained patterns and your own and other people’s projections. It’s hard to break through this and it takes courage, but it is worth it. Most people would benefit from getting support from a Professional Coach or Therapist, as it can be near impossible to call yourself out or to see your patterns and behaviours from a different perspective. As you practice it, it becomes easier.  
  3. Back Yourself: Know your value/worth. No one and nothing has power over you, unless you give it away. For most and indeed it is for me, an ongoing journey. To step into and know yourself is to own your power no matter what. We are innately resourceful and resilient human beings. Take up space in your world because you are worth it. Backing yourself in practical terms will look like, where that you choose yourself, where you BE your commitments, (see blog post on this: https://margogeorge.com/mastering-self-commitment-and-healthy-boundaries/). It is where you take a risk, put yourself on the line and flow with the ups and downs of life. It is where you take a stand for YOU, no matter what. Honesty, truth, integrity, openness and trust are all important.  For example, when you are tired and you take a rest. When you are demotivated and lethargic, and you get yourself out for a walk or a run or to the gym. It is when you want to serve your physical health and you eat healthy food. It is when you are struggling, and you ask for help. I could go on. The question to ask is: Am I serving myself right now? Am I honouring myself? Am I being LOVE?
  4. Align with your Values: Values are the things in life that are important to you.   If you are aligned with your values, you won’t need to think about them, they will be the drivers in your life. If you are not aligned with your values, you can feel a bit lost or discombobulated or distracted. For example my values are Personal growth and Learning, Relationships, Health, Adventure, and Travel and Career growth. I don’t try to remember them or follow any rules. They are a part of how I live. They can change too, in time as I change.
  5. Call yourself out or face your shadow self.
  6. Be willing to question and inquire into your perceptions, triggered reactions and beliefs. Take responsibility and explore with curiosity. 
  7. Projection: Take back your projections onto other people.
  8. Comparison or judgement: Notice when you compare yourself to other people or standards/rules that other people have established. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Follow and trust your intuitive guidance. Know your worth and your value. Bust through this by taking responsibility and calling yourself out. 
  9. Inner Child Work: This is a therapeutic approach to healing, unresolved emotions, experiences and childhood trauma. Everyone has an ‘inner child’ representing a part of the psyche that is childlike, innocent and vulnerable. This approach is based on raising your self-awareness to acknowledge, nurture and reconnect with this part of you to bring about emotional healing and growth. 


I have written a free eBook with strategies that will help you here. They are about getting more into the body and feeling your system. Here is the link to read more.


When you read this ebook, my suggestion to you is to read it from beginning to end and then choose one point and practice it until you have mastered it. If you would like to ask me questions, please email me on info@margogeorge.com.

What does this all mean?

In a very quick summary

Stay in your own Lane

Go on a journey or keep going to get to know yourself.




With Love



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