Working with the right Life Coach for you can lead to exponential Growth

Often, when I have worked with clients for a few months, they say to me that the way in which I work is unique and has been invaluable to them in reaching their outcomes. 

Whilst working with me, clients have gone from paralysing anxiety to publishing their first book, navigated a complicated divorce, set up a new business, created a loving healthy relationship with their intimate partner, created an open and accepting relationship with their kids/teenagers/adult kids, got off anti-depressants that they had been on for 20 years, completed amazing physical challenges, healed from chronic health conditions, ended a battle with anxiety, and many more . A parent of one of my clients came up to me recently and said, “you have given me back my daughter.”  Wow, that was a special moment. I didn’t do this though, I facilitated the change and set up a bespoke programme that helped her achieve success. You see, we each are our own guru, everything we need answers to and want to know is within us. I help bring out what is already there, to trust and act from that place of security. 

Many of my clients, have worked with therapists for years or have gone from one thing to another to help them find a way through their problem. They end up cycling around in the Personal Development industry but never make the shifts that transform their life. It is not that these therapies are not impactful for many and can be an effective intervention, it is more about the approach of the individual and how they engage with the therapist or other healing modality. 

The way in which I work and the way in which I set up my programs mean that people who work with me, achieve lasting permanent change. There are many different paths to finding peace and fulfilment and accessing your creative genius. My way is one of them and even that is nuanced for each individual.

I wanted to write this article to help you decipher the difference between the therapeutic models that are out there and Life Coaching, how Life Coaching can help you and what you might want to consider when engaging support? I hope that this guide helps you to cut through the clutter and the often-confusing information to get clarity on your way forward to the help and support that is available for you. 

Two Important Steps in your Life

Life Coaching is about CREATION and ACTION going forward. 

The first step is to raise SELF AWARENESS, through a series of in-depth and insightful conversations where our reality is questioned, explored and poked. This skilled questioning taps into the subconscious patterns, beliefs, perceptions, and projections, we are wedded to or identified with. We get stuck in the way we experience our world which can blind us to what is true and the path ahead. 

An expert Life Coach will shake up the foundations of our beliefs systems, perceptions and projections which keep us in our current bind. When we look at the world through a different filter or lens, we will have a new experience of our life. Life Coaching is about helping us create what can seem impossible in our life. 

The second step or focus of Life Coaching is to ACT.

Everything will remain as an idea or a concept or a nice conversation until action is taken to establish a new pattern or a new reality or a new behaviour or a new way of being which is more aligned with who we are and what we want for our life.

Think about it like busting through a ceiling. That ceiling becomes our new floor or grounding or launchpad. Keep going through ceilings and our whole life becomes unrecognisable as opportunities become available and creativity ebbs and flows and unfolds from an everchanging foundation as we ascend through the levels. The paradox here is that we are clearing all the clutter, unlearning and becoming, closer to who we truly are. The layers we ascend are subtractive rather than adding more into the mix. 

What are the differences between Life Coaching and Therapy?

Therapeutic models tend to focus on past trauma, mental health conditions and emotional difficulties. Therapists help individuals explore and understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, often with the aim of improving mental health and resolving deep underlying and often complex psychological issues. 

There will be a crossover with life coaching depending on the skills of the life coach. For example, I utilise Mindfulness for Health and Stress, Neuro Linguistic Programming and other trainings to facilitate healing and emotional regulation.  

Some of the stickiness in the present comes from past conditioning, trauma, and established belief systems. With Life Coaching it is not about staying in the past for long, going around and around in narratives. Life coaching aims to challenge all of it, to help you to get sight and create a new foundation, to enable your creative genius to flow. In my personal experience of many types of therapies and Life Coaching and in my own work with clients, Life Coaching is both difficult as you face your fears but hugely rewarding, exciting and positive. 

Nothing is as it appears to be, ever. 

A Life Coach takes you by the hand and walks by your side to help YOU to create what you want in your life unleashing unshakable belief in yourself. They work with outcomes and strategies, accountability, commitment, and responsibility. 

There are many different paths or methods to get to the same place. Working with a Life Transformation Coach tends to explore every area of your life, because they are all linked. Therapies will often work with a specific problem. 

Therapeutic delivery tends to be regular, timed 1-hour sessions. 

Life Coaching can involve contact between sessions, varied length of sessions and sometimes more regular contact. The delivery model is bespoke and designed to work with what works for you, and what serves you best given what you are looking to create and your other commitments. Most therapists will offer remote sessions if it is appropriate. Life Coaching can be in person in the form of a meeting or an intensive retreat or remote via phone or zoom or teams. All very effective and allow you to work with anyone in the world at a time that works for you. Please note though that all Therapists and Life Coaches will have methods of working specific to them. 

 All Life Coaches differ in their expertise and in the way that they work. I would always recommend having a conversation with a life coach before you embark on a journey with them, to make sure you are both a fit for each other and to ensure that their way of working aligns with you. Many of my clients, have often tried different Therapies for years and nothing has worked until they have come to work with me. This can be due to how the agreement is set up in the first place, the client’s level of commitment to the program and of course my expertise and unique way of working. Some people find Life Coaching, as an approach, more positive and creative than therapeutic models which can, sometimes, make them feel like there is something wrong with them. For some Therapy can feel more intimidating, or it can have stigma attached.  Of course, that is not true, but some prefer a more bespoke, personal and intense approach, the holistic style and focus on action offered by a Life Coach.

Life Coaching support is bespoke and you are in control of the level of support that you want and that works for your lifestyle and budget. 

What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?

To work through your own patterns and step into a more creative space can be akin to tickling yourself. Difficult and almost impossible. When I go to the gym, if I don’t have a plan I will only work my upper body. I find leg work hard. Unconsciously or maybe a little consciously if I’m honest, I will avoid leg work. It’s the same with deep transformational change work. It is almost impossible to face the parts of you that have been denied and suppressed. It can be difficult to see your blind spots. It can be hard to challenge your belief systems because they are part of your survival strategy and your current identification. 

Shifting your mindset and your attachment to current patterns can feel like a part of you is dying which is necessary to make way for the new. Without support, this work is harder if not impossible, as it requires you being very honest with yourself and seeing through your own dysfunctional patterns. If you know your behaviours and patterns are not serving you, why would you repeat them?  But we do.

Life coaching can help make the invisible visible. 

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