Reviews from MY Life Coaching Clients

Cannot highly recommend Margo George as a life coach enough. Went very much into this life coaching blind not knowing what to expect or how it was going to go but with Margo it has been completely transformative for the better. Has helped me see my life, goals, and relationships in a completely different life and for the better. Hard but honest work and you reap the rewards of what she helps you to see, and I am now completely thriving and happy with where I am and the relationships I have and cannot thank her enough for where she helped me and allowed me to pick myself up and grow to where I am now.

Cathal Myers, Ireland

I woke up one day as a 40 year old man, with a picture perfect life, married, children, a house, real estate, businesses, a Land Rover and a Labrador.

On paper, everything sounded great, in reality I was dying from the inside, I was masking, trying to fit in, trying to fulfil my conditioned life goals and ambitions. My mind and body were fighting, and both finally collapsed.

I experienced what some could call a breakdown, others an awakening. All I know is that I experienced a series of events leading to a trauma which started a profound shift in my lens on reality. This reality being in such contradiction to my family system’s, I became alienated from every single person I ever knew (except my children) and lost absolutely everything.

I was, when I reached out to Margo, a total emotional wreck, had turned to alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, anything which could cover the PAIN or avoid having to face it myself. I was in a self-destructive pattern balanced between victimization and desire of retribution.

Margo showed me another way, she never told me what to do, or what to believe in and didn’t pay particular attention to the story or narrative which was annoying at first as I was looking for validation and focusing on the detail.

Instead, she elevated my perspective, helped me shift my lens, challenged my thoughts and belief system, leading me to start questioning my notions of self, of pain, of blame, of conditioning, of love, of shame.

She was the one person who had my back, at a time where no one could understand, and who without judgement stayed at my side, keeping me grounded while I walked to and back from what I thought was hell, but now understand to be a necessary process leading the way to a wonderful life ahead.

I am extremely grateful that our paths met…
Thank you Margo!

Crofton Souter, France

Margo has been instrumental in helping me cope with my fear of falling behind and lack of self-esteem. She has turned my mindset around so much that I now have deep love and confidence in myself that I have never felt before. My thoughts are positive towards my capabilities, and I feel mentally stronger than ever. We have only been working together a few months but the progress has been so clear my friends and family have commented on my upbeat, empowered and grounded temperament. I very much look forward to continuing my work with Margo and feeling stronger and stronger

Freya, Glastonbury, UK

Partner, Head of Brand Partnerships and HR

Margo is calm and kind and Irish. She is patient, a good listener and I have learnt to trust her relaxed style of coaching. Margo has helped me realise that by unravelling my conditioned mind, I can feel calmer and respond to life more intuitively. I continue to learn to trust those intuitive thoughts and they are enabling me to become more authentic with my family and more importantly, more authentic to myself. In understanding that I can break familial habits and adopted patterns of behaviour it is allowing me to be more flexible, become more present, be more creative, more productive and pursue opportunities that I needed to give myself permission to enjoy and explore. It is a constant learning process that I am thoroughly enjoying.

Alexandra, Wiltshire, UK

I came to Margo because I was extremely stressed and worried about everything. It was bad for my health, I was not setting a good example for my teenage kids and was not great to live with. Margo is teaching me how to stop trying to change the past and live in the present. No longer being dictated to by my thoughts has helped me reduce my stress and be open to new experiences.

Fran, Berkshire UK

I am in awe of Margo! She is just so intuitive, empathetic, open and honest. It did not take any time at all to feel comfortable with her. I have learnt so much about myself working with Margo; I notice so much, how I react to situations and how it is possible to do things differently. Friends have asked “how does that work…. using Zoom?”. All I can say is that it does. I do not need to be in the same room as Margo for her to know intuitively what is going on with me. Although I have only met Margo once in person, I feel that she is now as much a friend as a coach!
Ruth, Cornwall UK

Margo works with great integrity and gained my trust, as she is non-judgemental, encouraging and supportive. As an upbeat person, with fantastic use of NLP techniques, Margo greatly helped me to feel positive, good about myself, with a boost to morale that transformed my self-confidence.

This testimonial feels inadequate in doing Margo full justice and I am lost for a word beyond excellent to describe the potentiality I see in this wonderful lady. Xx

Lynn Jones, Portsmouth UK

It has been a tearful and magical journey for me with a great fog being lifted. I went to Margo initially with so many issues. I didn’t feel it would ever be possible to change my life or ease my daily burden. She is amazing and I now have more structure in my life and don’t feel as if I am chasing my tail. I would recommend coaching to anyone who needs some guidance or just if they feel things are too much it’s really helped me.
Nicola Black, Wiltshire UK

She really managed to extract out of me what it was that I was looking to achieve. Each session had a structure and a purpose and gave me a framework whereby I was able to make small steps towards a bigger goal.

I am now about 3 months in to private Italian tuition, something that I have always wanted to do and have tried and given up before. Margo should take a lot of thanks for this, as it was her that encouraged me to get back to it.

I’ve also learnt about specific mental tools I can use when faced with difficult situations. Recently in one of our sessions we discussed an issue that I was having at my work and she gave me a great technique to help me.
Margo really is a one of those people that you know genuinely wants to help others. There were times when working with me couldn’t have been easy, whether it was a session I had to cancel, or I was quite down beat about something. Regardless of this, Margo remained professional and objective and I honestly couldn’t think of someone more suited to this type of career.

Adam, Reading UK

I decided to take a new direction in my life and career and retrained as a Sports Massage Therapist in London.

Having completed the course I found myself losing focus, procrastinating and failing to get my new career started. And despite my specialist training, I was losing confidence in my abilities and daunted by the task of setting myself up as a therapist and transitioning from being in training to acquiring paying clients. Margo helped me to see a way forward and to address the barriers that I was putting up to starting my massage business and helping me realise that there really was no reason for me not to begin working and finding clients. She helped me to set out and undertake positive actions to boost my confidence and to start working.

So here I am, after just 3 sessions, with business cards, leaflets, and bookings! I would still be procrastinating and at a low ebb if it wasn’t for Margo helping me to see the way forward.

I hope to continue working with Margo as my business grows to make sure I stay on track with my work and life goals.
Thank you Margo!

Alison White, Wiltshire UK

Sports Massage Therapist

Margo is very patient, very perceptive and very persistent. She is also knowledgeable wise and vey good humoured and all of these qualities have helped me see things about myself that I didn’t know. I am eternally grateful to her.

Angus, East Sussex

Margo is my Angel. I believe that we all have angels passing through our lives and sometimes they have such a great impact on our lives that we have no choice but to stop and acknowledge that this person was put in your life for a purpose. That purpose for me was to be by my side, when my life fell to pieces, in a way that was truly remarkable to me. Unconditional, non-judgement support and guidance. A refreshing way at approaching life which frees your mind from the madness of today’s society and allows you to live your live to the fullest. I have many decades of experience of all kinds of therapy which was interesting but not life changing.

Margo you are my Angel and you have changed my life. It doesn’t sound enough but Thank You.

Melanie, Wiltshire UK

I contacted Margo after what felt like many years of blows from life. Things I had never expected would happen to me nor was prepared for that threw me off track. After a few months of working with Margo, I felt a renewed sense of hope. Hope that things could change for the better and for a more positive and authentic future.

Anonymous, London, UK

I am so pleased to have met Margo with her great energy & commitment. I wasn’t sure that I needed to do the work. This was a new, different kind of journey. I’m going to compare the work I did with Margo to renovating a house. You see the house, it looks fine, a little rough around the edges, in need of some TLC but it looks fine and it’s doing what we think a house is supposed to do.

Curtains can be replaced, flooring changed, walls painted. I can do all that. I can change this house. But, once you start changing things you see new things to tackle. You uncover new issues, they may have surprised you, not shown up. You could put the new on top of the old and just live with it but the house wouldn’t be at its best and it would most likely show up later.

So here is your choice, cover over things, make it look better , enjoy that and feel some satisfaction with the results. Or you could go further , much further. Strip things back, look at things closely and dig down under the layers. It’s hard work, uncomfortable, time consuming. Personally I am a great reflector, I like to take time and think, let the process , the issue, the thoughts settle with me. This worked for me. I was interested in going beneath the layers, to make change, rebuild and reshape.

Can things be better, peaceful, different? We have choice to live our best life, to investigate, learn, consider. Or to stay as we are , ingrained in our habits, our learnt behaviours. Continuing to looking back. Hurting ourselves. Keep the house as it is, the layout , the flooring, the decor, just clean it up a bit.

Or bring new life to the house, welcome changes, different ideas, strip it right down and rebuild ,make it strong, a great place to be. And just like a house the work will need maintaining, checking, re enforcing.

I am very happy that Margo came into my life.

Jackie, Wiltshire UK

Margo George is an exceptional coach. I have worked with her over the last three months, each session bringing purpose and direction to my life.

Initially, a little skeptical about coaching, I now realise the benefits of having a skilled and seasoned practitioner who asks the right questions, at the right time, uncovering the parts of me that even I was not aware of! In the past I have read self-help books and I have good friends who can give guidance, but Margo made me accountable to her, (without judgment or the baggage of the past), AND the action I needed to take. The pace of change was immeasurable. During the sessions, Margo created moments of inspiration and clarification. These have helped me to find direction towards a new career, new sporting goals, a better structure to my life, a personal confidence.

Most importantly I have found new faith and energy in myself and a comfort in my own skin.

I cannot thank Margo enough. She reassures me that I have done all this myself, that “I have the resources within me” but I know that Margo was my guide, cheerleader, confidant, facilitator and sage in all of this.

Jenny Tower, Sussex UK

Teacher, Middle Manager & Business Owner

Margo has helped me tremendously over the time that she has been working with me! During each conversation I learn more about myself and feel I am able to find the missing pieces to the puzzle. She has taught me to open up my mind and reach out of my comfort to see that the world is there for the taking! Thank you so much Margo for making me realise that it is all within. I would highly recommend Margo George – she is the best!

Rachel, Reading UK

I was unsure of what to expect in coaching and am convinced now that it is something we all need. Margo has been fantastic at making me look at, first of all the particular area of my life that she was working with me on, but also I discovered that I finished each session with the thought process going on for much longer. Each session gave me clear goals to measure for the next and notes I took at her suggestion were very useful. I found

Margo made me consider the wider impact that coaching has and the influence and decisions I take that affect the goals set over and above – the initial targets we initially set out to do.

Some of the sessions for me were difficult and had quite deep meaning influence. I realise some qualities I have that make me more confident and some that I need to work on. I am much more aware of my actions and the impact that decisions from them have on my daily life. I found all of the sessions really positive though and Margo’s clear coaching direction left me enthused and directed. I also felt empowered to reach goals and have had results directly from the goals set in the sessions.

Margo has been positive, enthusiastic, understanding, energetic and her bubbly warm personality has made a great impact on me. I know that to continue coaching with her will have a positive impact for me – and would have wider influence in the future.

Louise Smith, Bath UK

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