Ready to Live Your Best Life?

I will help you with issues and life circumstances that you may be dealing with, including health conditions, relationship challenges and career aspirations.

If you are doing well, but you know life has more on offer, together we will explore what it might take to unlock this.

1-1 Personal Life Coaching Sessions

Private sessions – online and in-person, Wiltshire, UK


Online and in-person coaching engagements begin with an initial consultation during which we will be able to connect and get to know each other with a view to deciding whether a coaching program will be suitable and helpful.

Programs are tailored to YOU, the unique individual in front of me and suited to your resources, schedule & lifestyle.

Sessions typically include a mixture of in person and/or remote contact time. I may walk with, lunch with, or meet in my office in Wiltshire.

Coaching engagements typically range from 3-12 months, depending on the nature of the work and what is required.

I cater to your needs and schedule. Some sessions may be short, some longer, some once a month, some weekly, some bi-weekly. A younger client may find a walk and a chat less intimidating and will require shorter sessions because of their concentration span.

If appropriate, I may invite a partner/spouse to one of your sessions. For teenage clients, I may include a monthly session with one or both parents to help them to support their daughter/son more effectively.
I offer intensive 1:1 retreats in an away-day format or a 3 day residential option. These are a deep dive into ‘YOU’ intended to bring a deeper level of awareness and energetic alignment for you to operate from in your health, career and relationships. The location is chosen with YOU in mind and will be spacious, comfortable, quiet and close to nature. Some activity or physical challenge may be a feature depending on what you are looking for. All retreats are bespoke and tailored to YOU.

Achieve what YOU want in your life

from career to relationships, your mental and physical well-being,

resolving conflicts, and managing your time and stress

You Get Successful, Permanent Results

Receive help with your:

Health issues and addictions

  • Long term chronic health conditions
  • Struggles with weight, relationship to food and activity levels
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Long term stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm

Career progression

  • Tap into your unlimited potential
  • Break through the obstacles and ceilings
  • Stop living a life that is less than, compromised, tolerating life, doing a job you hate, not having the vision for the way forward – not seeing what is possible
  • Time management, over delivery, identification with role, overwhelm
  • Balancing family and work pressure

Relationships with friends and family

  • Navigating divorce
  • Living with a relationship that is stale, disconnected, and mundane
  • Conflict in relationship with intimate partner
  • Wanting a better relationship with your children – young to teenagers to adult
  • Become a better guide and model for supporting your kids into emotionally mature and secure, independent and happy human beings

Mindset challenges

  • Not fulfilled in your life and have untapped potential and want to eliminate or remove the obstacles or blockages that have been holding you back?
  • Want to be more free and uninhibited to create what you want to bring to the world?
  • You may currently be frustrated or struggling, you may be facing a particular challenge, you may have been presented with a new opportunity
  • Do have a feeling that there is more on offer, that something is not quite right or that on a deeper level there is more for you to access connect with or express in the world?

Teenager / young adult struggles

  • Working with Teenagers may include family sessions or coaching with one or both parents in support of their work. Half day or full day intensives may be built into the program. Weekly or biweekly coaching that is responsive to what is needed
  • Navigating the social demands of life
  • Addictions and eating disorders (at a certain stage)
  • Relationships with parents, family, and friends
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Low mood, busy mind

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